Welcome to Scruff Monkey Art. I specialise in Pastel and Pencil artwork, but not the topics I paint and draw. I hope you'll find something you like, but if not, well, there will be others added, so keep checking back.

This website is designed as a set of Galleries to showcase my artwork and the stories behind them.

Most of the paintings and drawings here are available for sale through my shop on FOLKSY. Those in the Other Works Gallery are specific commissions that I've done, paintings and drawings for competitions, or simply those done for friends. None of these originals are for sale, but I am developing a range of products, such as greetings cards or calendars, which will include some of these Other Works paintings and drawings. You will also be able to find those in my FOLKSY shop when they're ready.

After a long hiatus, mostly for reasons beyond simply having the time to do any painting, I have recently re-discovered the joy and mindfulness of painting and drawing again and am busy creating more artwork. A recent commission certainly helped as well! I've also come across a few older paintings hidden in a box that I'd forgotten about, so I'll add those to the galleries soon.

I might even find time to keep the News page up to date. I've got a few years to catch up on there, too

Mike Shayler