Some World Class Customer Service

How to treat your customers properly
These days, companies seem to fall over themselves to keep the customer happy. But when you get some truly outstanding customer service, you have to spread the word.

I bought a Derwent Super Point Manual pencil sharpener recently as a different way of sharpening my pastel pencils. Tried it a couple of times when I got it home and was impressed with the job it did. So naturally, I took it apart, as per the manual, to examine the workings and see how to clean it. When I put it back together, disaster. It wouldn't sharpen with a pencil in the mechanism. I examined it, tested it and tried all sorts but couldn't get it to work properly.

So I got in touch with Derwent, who that said if I sent it back, they would examine it and send a replacement, plus a small gift to cover the cost of postage. I received a report of the problem and they duly sent both the replacement sharpener and a very generous gift to accompany it.

But the best part was that they didn't need to do it at all. The original sharpener that I sent was not faulty. All that had happened was that a piece of one of the pencils I had tested out had broken off and got caught in the mechanism, which I failed to spot. I told them that I would have been quite happy just to have the old one back, but they sent the new goodies out anyway. Brilliant. They've just gained a loyal customer.