My Artwork as Book Covers

Some of my early artwork has been chosen as the covers for a new book trilogy.
Amazon Reader's Favourite silver medallist author Allie Cresswell is currently writing and releasing a new trilogy based on characters from Jane Austen's Emma. She has kindly chosen some of my early artwork for the covers of the new books.
The first of the trilogy, Mrs Bates of Highbury, is out now, with parts two and three coming soon. The first book uses my 'Chilham in the Snow' painting for the cover, while the third one will be the summer version of the same painting, called Chilham Village. Both of these were based on original artwork by Colin Bradley. For the middle part of the trilogy, the author commissioned a new painting. The trickiest bit about doing the new one was to get the style to match that of the other two, which were painted nearly 10 years ago. Unlearning everything I've picked up since then was quite a challenge.

Look out for the trilogy, either from the author's own website, or through Amazon